2014 CrossFit Open

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Pump up the jams and lets get to work!

The 2014 CrossFit Open is now 22 days away! The CrossFit Open is the start of the official CrossFit competition season.  The “Open” is five workouts over a five week period. The first workout will be announced on February 27th at 7 p.m. CST.

You have between Thursday and Monday each week to complete the workout and submit your score.

Each week we plan to give our athletes two options to do the workout.  The Open workouts will take place during our normal classes on Friday and Saturday.  However,  there will be two weekends that we are hosting the CrossFit Level One Seminar and on those dates we will have a Friday and Sunday evening option.

  • Week 1:  Feb 27 – Mar 3 (Friday and Sunday)
  • Week 2: Mar 6 – 10 (Friday and Saturday)
  • Week 3: Mar 13 – 17 (Friday and Saturday)
  • Week 4: Mar 20 – 14 (Friday and Saturday)
  • Week 5: Mar 27 – 31 (Friday and Sunday)

We are encouraging all of our athletes to participate in the workout with us on those days. This is great way to hold yourself accountable for five weeks and really test your fitness.   If you are interested in submitting an official score or want to compete at the regional level you will need to register yourself online.  I have setup our Iron Oak CrossFit affiliate on the website so be sure you select our name when registering.  You will need to do this so we can verify your scores.

To register for the CrossFit Open you can follow the link below.

Click here if you haven’t registered yet.

To learn more about the Open and the Regionals schedule you can check out the website below.

Here’s the Open and Regionals schedule as well.

As covered in my blog post from early December, the open has historically been AMRAPs lasting between 5-20 minutes and have included the below 15 movements.

Open Movements

Our programming has been very focused on these movements and will continue in that fashion through the end of March.

Leading up to the open, lets all pay extra close attention to using perfect technique during our strength, skills and WOD’s.

Practice makes perfect! You do not want to get “no-repped” by your coach when it counts! Complete all reps fully and correctly!


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