April Festivities!!!

Posted on March 20, 2014 4:00 am by Coach Jeehuon Leave your thoughts

Today’s post is all about what we have going on in April as we have a lot going on!

First and foremost, we will be having our 6 month anniversary party on Saturday, April 5th!  This milestone obviously wouldn’t have been possible without all of our great members and all of your support!  We appreciate it more than you know and hope to continue to celebrate many more milestones with everyone in the future!  Our very own coach, Phil Heisch, will be cooking up some of his WORLD FAMOUS BBQ and we will be providing some adult paleo beverages…maybe.  We will be back to our normal Saturday morning class that weekend since the CrossFit Open Workouts will end the weekend of March 28th.  So come join us on April 5th for some yoga, a fun team workout, and eat some BBQ!  Who knows, maybe we will even have a mini 3 on 3 basketball tournament too!

On Monday, March 31st, not really April I guess, we will be having  a sports massage/mobility therapist coming to our facility.  Her name is Shweta and she will be giving some free assessments for our members during the evening class hours.  She will be available from 6:15pm until 9:30pm.  Each assessment takes around 10 minutes so plan accordingly if you want to take advantage of this!

As you all have seen or should have seen from an email we sent out, we will be having a hydro test on Monday, April 28th to measure body composition.  We have already received quite a few responses but if you are still interested, there’s still time to sign up. Just shoot us an email.  Do not worry, results are completely anonymous to us and everyone else besides the test administrator, it is purely for your own knowledge.  We are also pairing this test with a 45 day challenge which I won’t get into detail now, but we will have the hydro test people come back after the challenge to reassess.  As I’ve said, more details on the challenge to come and we will be having a nutrition day one weekend to kick the challenge off.  Date to be determined.  Oh yeah, we will have some cool prizes for the winners of the challenge too!

Also, be on the lookout for our April schedule changes.  You will see some added classes like 9:30AM classes Monday through Friday and also 4:30PM classes Monday through Friday.  We are excited to offer everyone more class times and bring on some excellent coaches.  Most of y’all have already met the new staff, but if you haven’t, make sure to say hello to Jodie Haney, Mo Diab, and Eric Buchanan!

Last but not least, as we wrap up the open workouts, we will get back to more of our normal programming.  If y’all have not noticed, programming has been a little different the past three weeks and will continue to be until the open is over.  We will get back to strength building and start throwing in some team or partner WODS during the weekdays and continue to challenge and help everyone achieve their fitness goals!

Its been an amazing past 6 months and  I can’t wait to see what the future brings and again, thanks for all the support in this journey, we are truly blessed!

Coach Jeehuon and the Iron Oak Team!

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