Listening To Your Body

Posted on January 29, 2014 9:38 pm by Coach Jeehuon 1 Comment

My shoulder hurts, my knees ache, my back is tight, my wrists don’t feel good, my whole body is sore, I’m hungry, I have headaches, I’m tired all of the time…

First, who has ever felt this way? ME (duh who doesn’t get hungry!?)! Second, have you ever asked yourself why these things are occurring and in turn, proactively done anything about it?

How often do you go home and do extra mobility and stretching?  How much do you eat everyday and what exactly are you putting in your body?  How much water are you drinking everyday, seriously, do you pee dark yellow all the time?  How much do you sleep and when you do sleep, is it a deep sleep?  If you feel like something is seriously injured, have you had it looked at by a professional (we are not doctors or professionals in this area, so no, we do not count)?

Crossfitting is not easy and is very taxing on the body, even more so, if you don’t listen to your body, it is a great way to get injured.

Oh, you come 6 times a week and go hard every time but then go home and drink alcohol and sleep 4 hours a night and consume 1500 calories of junk a day and you’re not getting stronger but instead feel like you are getting weaker and breaking down?  Not surprised and I hope you all read this as an extreme case.  Your body will give back what you put into it.  You take care of it, feed it, hydrate it, mobilize it, stretch it, rest it, love it, your body will give back more than you could ever ask for.  You treat it like crap and run it to the ground, well, what do you think you’ll get in return?

Whether you are trying to bulk up, tone, or maintain, taking care of your body will be a very important factor.  Notice how I didn’t say gain or lose weight!?  Ive touched on that subject before, but its not about the lbs, HOW DO THE CLOTHES FIT AND HOW DO YOU FEEL!?  Who cares if you drop 10 pounds if you feel sluggish and tired and cranky, money says you didn’t lose the “right” weight and you probably didn’t get the results you wanted for the poundage lost aside from saying I lost 10 lbs.

Listen to your body, what is it telling you, get more sleep, eat more, hydrate, mobilize, stretch, rest, go light on the weights (because hey, guess what, at least you showed up, you won’t always be able to lift your max capacity but you will always be able to try your hardest THAT DAY).

1 Comment

  • Natalie

    Totally agree! I don’t know how many times I have felt tired and hungry and still pushed myself to go to Crossfit then performed horribly and felt crappy. Listening to how you feel and taking care of yourself physically and mentally is so much more important. Thanks, Jee!

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