Nutrition Part 1:

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Iron Oak Team,

Over the coming months we’re going to be bringing you lots more on the topic of Nutrition, and how it relates to CrossFit.  In the meantime, let us offer a few things to think about, especially as we go into the challenging CrossFit Open timeframe (


1.) Nutrition is a very nebulous, frustrating, and personal topic. The typical first reaction to any piece of nutrition advice is “well yeah but…”, or “yeah then check back in 6 months and it will be something different”

This is common, and its OK! Don’t avoid Nutrition because of those things!  (Read on…)

2.) Outside of any diet, fad, book, or philosophy, each of us knows IN GENERAL what is good and bad to eat. Cream pastry before burpee challenge = usually bad. But the CrossFitter (You!) is/are much more advanced than that, too. You know what makes you feel good/bad, before workouts, bed, in the morning, and during a long day at work. You know immediately when you “shouldn’t have eaten something” and you’re tired, slower, or even slightly sick.  You know if you think Paleo is BS, or if you laugh at the idea of counting calories (we’re OK with that!)

…So you’re already WAY ahead of the curve.

3.) In general, we suggest eating Lean Meats and Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, Some Fruit, Little Starch, and No Sugar.  We’ll be talking more about the nuances of this soon.  There are reasons behind this, research, and lots of good ideas.  Lots of it, can be challenged, and IT SHOULD.

Because Nutrition should always be evolving, for CrossFit, and for you!

4.) Check out this page (scroll down to the charts):  – - – sites like this one, and there are many like it, are pretty cool. They lay out what to eat, and not eat, and WHY.  It’s very interesting (read the specifics)!  You can always check back to sources like this to refine, recheck, and bolster YOUR nutrition formula.

Give it a thought, what do YOU think is the best way to eat?

5.) Over these next few weeks, when getting ready for the open workouts – 1.) drink plenty of water throughout the day (you hear this alot!)  2.) make sure you’ve eaten plenty of food/meals that day, and try to have a healthy snack 2 hours prior to a workout. 3.) RECOVER after the workouts with protein, plenty of good healthy food, and water.

Take your best nutrition knowledge and apply it while we do these open workouts!

Again, stay tuned for more. In the meantime, ASK YOUR IRON OAK COACHES when you’re curious about nutrition, recovery, etc. for CrossFit. We’ll ALWAYS give you our best advice or point you in the right direction (to websites, books, or specialists)~


Coach Phil and the Iron Oak Team


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