Our Team

Iron Oak CrossFit is comprised of Coaches dedicated to your success in the CrossFit journey!
All CrossFit Coaches are CFL-2 Trained through CrossFit HQ (crossfit.com)!

Colin Clark
Founder, Coach
In 2010, after several years of CrossFit training at a local box in Houston, Colin was convinced of the positive effects of this type of fitness regime and transformed his garage into a CrossFit gym. What began as a hobby transformed into a team of athletes dedicated to helping others reach their fitness goals. Originally from El Paso, Colin was a high school athlete and collegiate rower at the University of Texas at Austin. Not only is Colin passionate about the physical aspect of CrossFit, he enjoys the mental aspect and the strength that comes from mind and body alignment. As many will attest, he's also a stickler for perfect form. Outside of exercising (CrossFit, Skiing, Basketball), Colin loves cooking and collegiate football.
Jeesoung Yi
Founder, Coach
Jeesoung found CrossFit in March of 2012. After 6 years of inactivity, a herniated disc, and weighing the most he ever has, he knew he needed to change his current lifestyle immediately. Even though he threw up after every single WOD for the first week, he kept coming back because of the constantly varied workouts and strong community of support. Watching his weight drop 30 pounds and his deadlift max exceed 400+ pounds, he wanted to share his passion for a strong and healthy lifestyle with everyone he could. He received his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate in February of 2013 and is looking forward to receiving more certificates in order to increase his knowledge and training abilities. He is also an active council member of Bo's Buddies, loves fishing and hunting, music, and anything outdoors. Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens his friend.
Jeehuon Yi
Founder, Coach
Jeehuon has been part of the Iron Oak team since April 2012. He was born in Midland, TX and attended The University of Texas at Austin. Jeehuon enjoys playing and watching all types of sports, fishing and hunting, cooking, and of course, exercising and staying active. He was so passionate about CrossFit, after only 8 short months became a CFL-1 certified trainer in December 2012. "Seeing the changes in people physically and mentally is why I love coaching CrossFit."
Phil Heisch
Founder, Coach
Phil has been an active member of the Iron Oak CrossFit team since 2010. A native Texan, Phil attended the University of Texas at Austin and lives in the Houston Heights area. Phil is a gearhead, whose interests and passions are varied from CrossFit, to fishing and hunting, cooking, playing guitar, studying BBQ, and motorsports. His focus in CrossFit is having FUN with fitness, constantly evolving the personal concept of "health and fitness", and focusing on a holistic view of CrossFit as it is expressed in everyday life. Phil became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in December 2012, a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer in 2017, and holds certificates in CrossFit Endurance, and CrossFit Kettlebell.
Mo Diab
Mo found CrossFit in Feb. of 2008, was skeptical reading & seeing what it was all about. A good friend convinced me to try it, so I dropped in one weekend at a local box. I thought I was in shape going in & boy was I wrong, after I met Pukie, I did sign up once I could think & function enough to write. I attended L-1 shortly after in Aug. of 08 and have been CrossFitting & coaching since. Phoenix native, Houston raised, I do have a spot in my heart for the sun & the heat. Outside the box I enjoy doing absolutely anything outdoors, watching & participating in pretty much all sports. I'm big on family & family time, family is part of the foundation of life. I have a love for all types of cars & bikes, I've been told I might even have gasoline in my veins. As a Coach, my initial thought was it would be just getting someone in shape but its so much more than that, I hold an ability to change a persons life. Its a deep amazement to see a person getting physically & mentally stronger over time. Then to see that translated in day to day function...words just cant describe it but it's something special.
Eric Buchanan
Born and raised in the burbs outside of Houston, Eric began CrossFit in 2010 by transforming his garage into a box. As a former competitive weightlifter, Eric is passionate about Olympic style weightlifting and helping others achieve their fitness goals. Eric is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in Health and Nutrition. As an avid outdoorsman, you can usually find him near a body of water (chlorine or salt) absorbing too much vitamin D. He loves to cook and describes his diet as "paleo with a healthy dose of Tex-Mex... and BBQ". Obtaining his CrossFit L1 certification in January, and as a USAW Certified Sports Performance Coach, Eric's knowledge and background will be a great resource for anyone wanting to improve their fitness.
Vivien Micheloni
Vivien began her CrossFit journey while working on an overseas assignment in 2013. After moving back to Texas, she joined Iron Oak CrossFit to continue improving her fitness. Intrigued and fascinated by the program’s focus on strength and performance and the program’s ability to push one out of their comfort zone, Vivien became passionate about CrossFit. She was inspired and moved by the transformations in people both physically and mentally, which prompt her to embark on her coaching journey. Vivien became a CF L-1 Trainer in July 2014 and is always ready to have some fun! Outside CrossFit, Vivien enjoys traveling, being outdoors, fishing, snowboarding, playing guitar, and watching live music. Food makes her happy.
Hook ‘em! m/
Erica Calvery
Erica believes Crossfit saved her life. Not in the sense that she was unhealthy and physically needing a change but more like a mental emergency. Like so many, she had lost her passion, and was unchallenged, uninspired, and withdrawing more and more. In January of 2012, she stumbled into her first box and left changed forever. It brought her back to life and led her to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, a nutrition coach, and a Level 1 Crossfit trainer. A perfect day for Erica would include a meditation, a fresh meal shared with friends, and a spicy metcon. All of which she says require you to be fully present and not take yourself too seriously. She believes that’s the magic of Crossfit. “It reminds you that you already have everything you need to be healthy, happy, and whole, you just have to get out of your own way.”