What’s Your Next First?

Posted on February 20, 2014 12:22 am by CoachJeesoung 1 Comment

Iron Oakers,

If you have not read Coach Colin’s blog on the 2014 CrossFit Open, give it a read! The deadline to sign up is next Thursday and we will be completing the first work out on Friday the 28th! The next 5 weeks will be a fun time to cheer each other on and see the broad fitness levels of all crossfitters around the world since everyone will be completing the exact same workout! You do not have to be registered to participate, only to officially enter your score and check your rankings online.

With that said, I want you to remember why YOU CrossFit. Whether it is for fun, competition, health, camaraderie, etc, be proud and enjoy what all you have accomplished. Getting off the couch and signing up for your first on ramp class is a victory in itself! Iron Oak CrossFit is not a scary boot camp environment where you get yelled at or bullied from the coaches.

We are  a community of like minded individuals who loves to work out with people we call friends in a structured and safe environment to improve our overall health and prolong our lives. Over the past 2 years, from the garage to our current location, we have seen many many “firsts”. These firsts include:

Handstand holds, dips, pull ups, chin ups, toes to bar, handstand push ups, pistols, single unders, double unders, a full range squat, muscle ups, a box jump…

This list goes on forever because any and all these accomplishments are a big deal. Once you hit a goal, you make a new one and shoot for the next. We love seeing your “firsts” and being a part of it. I still remember my first day of CrossFit. I had to use a band for my dips and pullups. My goal quickly became unassisted dips and pullups, and after that it became muscle ups. Keep striving and improving. Let your determination and goals translate over to your job, your diet, your faith, your ______!

This is why I love coaching. Watching our community grow and improve everyday. See y’all at the gym!

Coach Jeesoung

1 Comment

  • Jodie

    Loved this. I get asked all the time if I yell at athletes. What!?!? No. Never. Well, maybe, for a job well done. I love our community. I love how every 1st is a big deal, from air squats to muscle ups.

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